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Dr. Azevedo offers several services such as online courses, one-on-one mindful coaching sessions, and professional development for educators and school leaders. See below for more detail of these services. If you have questions or would like additional information contact Dr. Azevedo.

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Introductory Coaching Session

If you’re not sure if one-to-one mindfulness coaching is right for you, but would like to try it out I offer a FREE, no obligation, introductory session. In this 20-minute coaching call you’ll have an opportunity to learn how mindfulness coaching works, what my process is like, and we’ll discuss what kind of support you would like. In this call you can decide if coaching is right for you and if I’m the best person to guide you on your mindfulness journey.

Image by Andrijana Bozic

Online Course

The 30 Days of Mindful Moments Online Course is a gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation for the busy parent, educator, school counselor or leader. It’s a great way to start your own mindfulness and meditation practice. 



Mindfulness Coaching Session

Work with me one-to-one in an in-depth and personalized mindfulness coaching session. This coaching session is perfect if you’re new to mindfulness; if you’ve been practicing meditation for a while but would like to go deeper; or if you’re having challenges with the practice and need additional support.  If you’re not sure if one-to-one coaching sessions are right for you I offer a 20 minute, no-obligation, introductory coaching session

Note: Coaching does utilize some of the same tools as therapy, however it is NOT therapy nor should it be used as a replacement for such.

Wellness & Mindfulness Coaching Package

 I offer wellness and mindfulness coaching packages to support and guide educators, parents, school counselors and leaders on mindfulness, wellness and self-care practices that nourish and sustain your personal and professional life, especially your work with students. I’ll coach and support you to learn and establish your own personalized mindfulness, self-care, and wellness practices and routines that can help you live more open-hearted in your personal and professional life.

Note: Coaching does utilize some of the same tools as therapy, however it is NOT therapy nor should it be used as a replacement for such.


Professional Development

I offer professional development for educators and school leaders who are interested in learning and developing mindfulness skills and incorporating mindfulness in their work with students. If you’re interested in professional development for your team please contact me.


Alexander Abdelwahed,

Special Education Teacher

Dr. Azevedo has been an exemplary figure since day one of my journey in the field of education. Through her guidance I have better understood my teaching as an art form and a vocation. 


As a mentor she has been present, kind, and unafraid to speak uncomfortable truths that gave me perspective when I needed it most. 


In her teaching, I witnessed her  message of mindfulness gently ease its way into the pedagogy of my cohort - even the most resistant or worried!


Dr. Azevedo’s teaching was the best introduction to the field that I could have asked for. It keeps me continually aware of my personal purpose in the classroom and never fails to renew me when I get lost in the stressors, trials, and tribulations of the school day.

If there was ever a mentor to dispel the common phrase, “those who can’t do, teach,” it’s Paula Cristina Azevedo. In fact, her experiences emboldened me to trust her after an engaging lecture that kicked off my graduate academic career. From that moment on, if Paula was teaching a course, my name was on her roster.


Paula is, undoubtedly, the epitome of leadership and mindfulness. This is evidence by the way she gives herself space to identify and acknowledge how her thoughts, emotions, and actions intertwine to create the current moment. This way, she is able to appreciate the present and better address how she can help any student who crosses her path, whether now or in years to come.


As someone who was ignorant to the power of being mindful, Paula has enlightened me to ground myself more than I ever thought possible. With her patience and expertise, my personal practice has started to blossom as she consistently encourages me to understand the interaction between my mind and body through her guided meditations and reflections. To learn from Paula is to learn peace - both within yourself and the world surrounding you.

Rebecca F. Sponga,

Secondary Social Studies Teacher

Image by Annie Spratt

Hi, I'm Paula Cristina!

I’m an experienced teacher educator, mentor, certified mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor. I was a high school history teacher and currently teach pre-service teachers at George Mason University.


I believe that working with children and teens should bring joy, curiosity, and passion for both the adult and child. Sadly, this is not always the case due to many external and internal pressures and stresses that impede our work of supporting, teaching and raising children.


That’s why I created The Meditating Teacher where I support parents, educators, counselors, and school leaders interested in incorporating mindfulness into their teaching and/or parenting practices. However, mindfulness isn’t a set of strategies or tricks that can be imposed on young people. We can’t expect young people to be mindful when we aren’t living a mindful life. 


I believe that living mindfully starts with you. It starts with you bringing a loving awareness towards yourself and others. It starts with you sharing the wisdom of the heart. It all starts with you.

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