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Image by Daiga Ellaby

Home Retreat

Life can be stressful, especially since March of 2020. Life dramatically changed. We’ve had to work from home, homeschool children, cancel work related trips and vacations, postpone events and celebrations, learn to cook and bake, stay home to take care of young children or other family members, and so much more.

So, one way we can give ourselves the time and space to be present and deepen our practice with awareness and ease is by going on retreats. This year attending retreats has been very difficult for various reasons so I figured why not bring the retreat home. I created a FREE Stay at Home Retreat Guide. 

In this guide I include suggestions on how to plan your retreat, examples and resources to support your home retreat. Also, I provide a retreat planning worksheet that will help you plan your own personalized stay at home retreat. 

Click below to claim your FREE Stay at Home Retreat Guide.

Home Retreat Guide Pinterest Graphic.png
Retreat Guide Pinterest Graphic.png
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