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  • Paula Cristina Azevedo, PhD

Summer Plans

As our students move on into another phase in their lives, it is also time for teachers to also enter into another season in teaching, which are the summer months. Awe, how we cherish the summer months and long for its arrival. We plan our much needed vacations and sit by the poolside reading novels that are too inappropriate for our students to read, while not having to worry about the pile of papers that need to be graded. These are the months to rest and recharge (check out my blog post last week here). In addition to relaxing, I like to take advantage of the quieter moments of summer to develop curriculum and learn new skills. I thought in this post I’d share my plans for this summer and where I see The Meditating Teacher heading.

As I reflect on the past academic year I’m quite impressed by the good work I’ve done, the new projects I’ve started and led, and more importantly the accomplishments of my students. In addition, I’m really proud of the work I’ve put into The Meditating Teacher and am inspired to continue to build this work in order to support educators and students. As a result, this summer I’m going to take a brief break from posting weekly and will focus my attention on creating new material, workshops, and writing. I have big plans for this little blog and just need the time and space to be creative and focus on it in an intentional manner.

In addition to my work on The Meditating Teacher,

there are some major transitions and

changes occuring in my family. Both my parents are retired and decided a year ago that living in California in a big house in an exurb was no longer suiting their needs and new phase in their lives. The cost of living in California has outpaced their fixed income and the constant traffic congestion and noise pollution added to their stress. At this point in their lives they decided it would be best to downsize a bit, move to a rural community that is still close enough to all the amenities they need as they age, and to be closer to their children. So, they are moving across the country to Virginia just an hour away from where I live. I am so excited and happy that this day has finally come. However, packing 40 years of your life and moving across the country is a difficult move. So, I’ve been helping them in this process and will be setting up their new house with my brother. In addition, I plan to drive across the country with them and Phoebe, the family pug, to their new home. It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to share with you photos of our cross country trip on Instagram.

Phoebe is ready to move

So, needless to say, my summer is jam packed with a lot of transitions for The Meditating Teacher and my family. Of course I'll be meditating and practicing mindfulness. And I'll find some time to relax with family and friends. So, when I return to the new academic year I'll be ready for my students, new projects, and a new set of challenges and learning experiences. Finally, when I return from my little break from writing weekly blog posts I plan to offer a freebie to you! So, stay connected with The Meditating Teacher for additional news about the free offering later this summer.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break. Share on Facebook what you plan to do this summer and if you’re going through a transition in your life as well share with the community. I’ll be back later in August with new blog posts and material. So, be sure to stay in touch by signing up for email updates, like my page on Facebook, and follow me on Instagram. Even though I won’t be writing blog posts as frequently this summer I will be posting on social media and it’s a great way to stay in touch with me.



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