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  • Paula Cristina Azevedo

Creating a Mindful 2018

Happy New Year!

Creating a Mindful 2018

I love the the start of a new year. It’s so refreshing to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one. As I reflect on 2017 I am so happy that I started The Meditating Teacher blog. It’s been remarkable to go outside of my comfort zone and use my voice to share and explore ideas with others in such a public forum. I've learned so much about myself in 2017, and overcame some fears that have blocked me from this work. In addition, I hope that what I’ve shared the past few months has been helpful to others. As I look forward to the next year I want to continue to bring you interesting insights into mindfulness practice for educators.

To start the new year on a positive note I am offering a free 30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge, which starts on January 8, 2018. I created this challenge to inspire you to start your own mindfulness and meditation practice. Teaching mindfully comes from you. Mindful teaching is not a curriculum; it's not a strategy; and it's not magic. Mindfulness is a mindset, and more importantly it is a practice. There is not one way to practice, but there are some guiding practices that can lead you to a formal mindfulness practice that you can incorporate in your daily life and even in your teaching.

The 30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge will include instructions on specific

30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge

mindfulness practices, gain, access to meditations, and a workbook that will guide you through the challenge. In addition, I'll be here the whole time to guide and support you through challenge. To gain access to the FREE challenge sign up here. In addition, I created a private Facebook Group that you can join and gain additional guidance and support through the 30 Day Challenge.

You’re probably thinking that challenges are not very mindful, but this challenge I created is different. In this challenge there is no pressure and no competition with yourself or others. This challenge is meant to inspire and to expand your practice whether this is your first introduction to mindfulness or you’re a seasoned practitioner. You can go on your own pace. If there's a particular mindful practice that you want to skip or that you want to repeat and explore further the next day you can do that. This experience should be enjoyable and stress free. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the challenge just pause and return to the challenge when you're ready. Also, don't judge yourself if you forget to practice mindfulness one day or an entire week. Don't worry if you feel like you're doing the practice "wrong". There really isn't a "wrong" way of being mindful. And if you believe you made a "mistake" during the challenge view it as an opportunity to learn. This is a judgement free challenge.

I am so excited about the 30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge and can’t wait to see you there. Don’t forget to visit to gain access to the challenge and join the 30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge Facebook Group. Share this Challenge with friends. It may be really fun and motivating to participate in the challenge with friends and/or colleagues. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the Facebook Group and working with you in this challenge.


Sign up- 30 Day Mindful Teacher Challenge


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